1. How to register on the exchange?
To register on our exchange, go to the registration page and fill out the required fields. We have simplified the registration process as much as possible to make it easier for you
2. How to top up your balance?
It is enough to exchange any fiat currency (dollars, euros, rubles) or exchange one cryptocurrency for another, indicating the corresponding number of the cryptocurrency wallet. To do this, you will need a bank card with money or an account in the payment system. You can also top up your account from another cryptocurrency wallet
3. How to withdraw cryptocurrency into real money?
Indicate your cryptocurrency wallet number, as well as your bank card number. Confirm the cryptocurrency transaction in the wallet application and in the next few minutes fiat money will be credited to your account automatically.
4. How to trade on "Futures"?
Futures trading currency is USDT. Automatic replenishment converts the currency into USDT. Then select the buy side Long (For growth) or Short (For fall), then indicate the purchase amount and select the leverage (Default x2). And click open order
You can control your positions and orders in the window below.
Be careful! Trading is a very risky activity if you do not understand the basics of the market!
5. Spot trading
Spot trading has been simplified. Most importantly, the sale/purchase occurs with the EvoTrade service. Select the currency you want to sell, then the currency you want to buy, enter the amount and click "Exchange"
6. Profile
In your profile you have a navigation menu and account management. Deposits and withdrawals, as well as a list of all available assets
7. Deposit and withdrawal
You can top up your account using any of the currently available methods. The minimum deposit amount is 50USDT at a time. To verify your account, your balance must be more than 200USDT in total.
Withdrawal of funds is possible if your account is verified. Choose a withdrawal method in any cryptocurrency. Please note that your cryptocurrency will undergo automatic conversion if you withdraw, for example, BTC -> USDT. And for Spot trading, the service will automatically convert your funds into USDT and withdraw them
8. Verification
You can independently undergo verification by sending technical support all the necessary data that we request under the user agreement. This can be a photo of a passport, or a photo of a face with a passport, unfolded